Devil May Cry: a DLC or Netflix series coming?

The return to the market of Devil May Cry in a new incarnation, linked to the original canon of the Capcom series and not to the timeline of the reboot a few years ago, happily marked the beginning of the playful year of many long-time fans, who have returned to follow the adventures of Dante (now almost twenty years old!).
However, once the game was over, the hopes of seeing the fun doubled thanks to a DLC seemed to have faded due to the team's statement not to support the product further, with the exception of the Palace of Blood mode.
However, to the delight of many, this state of affairs could change: a succulent video linked to the brand, with completely new content, seems to have been projected behind closed doors during an event.
What does it mean? The "offending" video The event in question was the Anime Festival Orlando 2019, which was also attended by Reuben Langdon and Dan Southworth, voice actors respectively of Dante and Vergil in the fifth chapter of the series.
And here comes the mystery, because the panel dedicated to the interview with the two guests was asked by the journalists present to switch off the phones and not to take back what would have been projected, or to spread news about the contents shown.
What happened during the panel? What surprises will the Capcom brand have for the second half of the year? Above all, and here we turn to the fans: start feeling a drop come down, don't you? Well, rest assured, you are not the only ones: you are already imagining the pandemonium unleashed by this news on the net and on social media, but even Southworth himself seems to have intervened to beg the fandom to have patience and wait for the moment when the Capcom itself will reveal new projects related to the brand.
What could it be? There are two hypotheses about the video shown at the Anime Festival Orlando.
The first, of course, is related to the title just released, is that of a DLC that expands the story of Devil May Cry 5 giving fans a new piece of adventure, which, we bet, does not disgust anyone and indeed would satisfy all those who already felt orphaned of the brand after the bell'exploit early 2019.
In this case (ie in the event that Capcom has not lied from the beginning about his plans for DMC5), it would obviously be interesting to understand the reasons for Capcom's decision to change his mind so abruptly, but how could we think the question could soon be resolved: according to the sources, the luck of the new game would have simply led Capcom to lick his chops and say "Oh, stop it all, it gets interesting!" retracing their steps by reviewing the plans for DMC5, riding the wave of the game's fortune and the new popularity of a brand that seems to have returned to its former glory.
In fact, let's not forget that, as our Riccardo recalled a few months ago in a recent link, the success of DMC5 was part of a real "offensive" by the Japanese company, which moved some of its top brands to get back a place of honor that seemed to have been reduced.
The keystone of this operation was undoubtedly the nostalgia of a golden age, which Capcom tried to re-emerge through, first of all, the remake of Resident Evil 2, or a title of a historical saga that she seemed to be bogged down and could not have resisted innovations very well.
The second hypothesis on the film, on the other hand, while excluding the much hoped-for output of a DLC, inserts the future of the brand into a playing field increasingly frequented by software houses.
And if it was a series? The project of an exclusive Netflix series based on the adventures of Dante & co.
this is nothing new: the first news about the start of production is from last year, confirmed not by a random figure, but by Adi Shankar, executive producer and therefore patron of Castlevania, the anime series in two seasons taken from the cornerstone of Konami.
So the video would be an anticipation of the final product? Very possible.
It must be said that Devil May Cry's with the anime is not a new relationship, as there is already a transposition of 2007, divided into twelve episodes and still easily recoverable.
Nevertheless, to give the news another dimension is the context: Shankar's Devil May Cry, as well as his Castlevania, fit into a context in which the assault of the video game on the world of cinema, but above all of seriality, it is much stronger than in the past.
Beyond series taken from "virginas" like The Division, the question would seem to be the usual occupation of a hunting area adjacent to them by the videogame world, but in the case of classics like DMC and Castlevania, at least as far as Netflix is concerned , there is more: while the new generations of gamers are brought on the platform of Red Hastings with series taken from recent games, nerdacchioni thirty-forty-year-olds would be hooked up and incorporated more and more within the majors strategies, reinforcing the niches.
Are the classics, strengthened by their success sometimes forty years, to open new bridges between two often parallel industries that have hardly met successfully? Are we increasingly moving towards a homogeneous "entertainment" system, in which what we play will also be increasingly present in the catalogs of legal streaming services? We have no answers, but the signs seem to go in this direction.
On the effects, however, we do not pronounce ourselves.
Meanwhile we wait to know what the hell there was in that blessed video …
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