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In Fire Emblem Three Houses the Relations, or Support, are fundamental not only to build an efficient army capable of dealing with highly dangerous and numerous enemies, but also to discover all the background of the intriguing history of the title and the most secret aspects of the his wonderful characters.
But concretely what are the supports? They are simply conversations between the various protagonists that until the previous chapters of the saga were unlocked through mutual support and the proximity between soldiers in the clashes on the various maps and missions, and that following the release enhance some statistics of the fighters if they are close together during the battle.
In Three Houses the basic concept has remained the same, but new ways have been added to strengthen the bond that unites the various soldiers and therefore speed up the process to unlock all the supports.
Another big difference with titles like Awakening and Fates is that the Protagonist will be the only character able to marry and bring a Report to the S level, the maximum possible, with any other character of the opposite sex or with some characters of the same sex.
List of Methods: Method 1 Method 2 Method 3 Method 4 Method 5 Method 1: Scaramucce The most classic method also used in the other chapters of the saga consists in having one's soldiers lined up in their neighborhood fight.
Unlike Awakening and Fates we will not be able to immediately unite two of our units as a single force of nature, but the range of influence for the Support to grow after each attack or defense has been greatly magnified.
The Scaramucce therefore come into play, or the version of the optional battles of Three Houses.
To access the Scaramucce we will have to spend a Sunday of free time on the Calendar, and depending on the Teaching Level we will be able to play one, two or three Skirmishes.
We also have to spend Activity Points to play Secondary Missions and Appendices.
There is also the possibility of playing an endless Scaramuccia, and it simply consists in choosing the Optional battle that does not have the Activity Point next to it.
This option is a healthy touch both to easily cultivate experience points, money and materials, and to strengthen relationships with relatively easy fights that will not put our units at risk.
Be aware, however, that the only way to unlock the next levels of support is to return to the Monastery in Explore mode or through the menu for choosing Sunday activities.
It is not possible to view Support conversations from the battle preparation menu, so once you have enough affection to unlock a conversation all excess affection will be lost until we see that conversation.
Method 2: Gifts, Lost Items and Flowers With the addition of the new Life-Sim section, Fire Emblem Three Houses gives us the opportunity to collect numerous items to donate to our units to strengthen the bond with the Protagonist during Sunday Exploration.
This is undoubtedly the quickest way to quickly unlock the highest Support levels: in fact we will have no limits on the amount of gifts we can bring to our favorites, which in addition to affection towards us will also increase their Motivation for the Lessons, and during the Exploration we can at any time access the unlocked Conversations to make the next level available and then restart the vicious circle until we run out of gifts.
The objects that can be donated to (almost) all the characters are divided into: GIFTS: items that can be purchased at some special retailers every month, found around the Monastery or received as a reward for some fetch quests during Exploration LOST OBJECTS: objects that can be found casually during Exploration in the various points of the Monastery marked by blue sparks FLOWERS: flowers obtained randomly through the use of certain seeds in the Greenhouse during the Exploration Each character to whom it is possible to donate something has its own tastes and passions described in the Class Register , through which we can understand what kind of Gifts you want and which Lost Objects you are looking for.
We also remember that some of these objects will appear exclusively in some chapters and depending on which House we have chosen (If we have chosen for example the Black Eagles, we will not find objects belonging to Dimitri or Claude) We report a quick list of the most common Gifts / Lost Items for each character divided by House of belonging: Black Eagles Edelgard: Armored Teddy Bear, Board Game, Book on Monarchies / Oriental Porcelain, Used Goose Pen, Hulbert White Gloves: Board Game, Coffee Beans, “The History of Fodlan / Shaving Razor, Treaty of Hresvelg, Ferdinand Harmful Handkerchief: Riding Boots, Tea Leaves, Stone Cote / Treatise on Agriculture, Linhardt Tea Leaf Bag: Book on Signs, Fishing Float, Baked Dolcetto / Esca Animated, Feather Cushion, "The Revealed Saints" Caspar: Smoked Meat, Training Weight, Cote Stone / Stone Talisman, Ruined Coat, Tonitrus Replica Bernadetta: Armored Teddy Bear, Musical Score Handkerchief Handkerchief, Watering Can, Landscape Painting / Custody by Riccio, Needle and Thread, Photo by Natura Morta Petra: Exotic Spices, Hunting Knife, Smoked Meat / Dictionary with Notes, Exotic Feather, Dried Skin Dorothea: Musical score, Precious stones, Elegant hair clip / Graceful comb, Silver brooch, Diva Blue Lion Dimitri Poster: Ceremonial Sword, Riding Boots, Training Weight, Cote Stone / Black Leather Gloves, Blunt Sword, Diary of Training Dedue: Exotic Spices, Floral Ornament, Watering Can / Gardening Tools, Golden Earring, Felix Kitchen Cookware: Ceremonial Sword, Hunting Knife, Smoked Meat, Training Weight / Black Steel Spur, Fragment of Sheath , Sylvain Tooth Dagger: Board Game, Dappled Handkerchief, Painting of a Landscape / Crumpled Letter of Love, "The Story of Sreng", new Lipstick Ingrid: "Legends of Cavalry ", Riding Boots, Smoked Meat / Horse Trotter, Carousel for Rides, Pegasi Irons Mercedes: Armored Teddy Bear, Precious Stones, Statuette of the Goddess, Baked Tricket / Book on Ghost Stories, Fruit Jam," How Cooking Desserts "Annette: Book on Arithmetic, Musical Score, Elegant Hair Clip / Book on Magic, Incomplete Score, Ashe Wax Tablet: Ancient Coin, Exotic Spices," Legends of Chivalry ", Baked Tricket / Herbal Bag, Amulet Repel-Wickedness, "The Tale of the Moon Rider" Golden Deer Claude: Board Game, Exotic Spices, Riding Boots, Book of Signs / Board Game Pawn, Leather Bow Sheath, Non-lethal Poison Hilda: Armored Teddy Bear, Musical Score, Fine Handkerchief, Precious Bracelet, Elegant Hair Clip / Handmade Hair Clip, Unspoiled Bandage, Perfume Used Leonie: Fishing Float, Knife Hunting, Training Weight / Arrowheads, Fur Scarf, Hand-Drawn Map Raphael: Smoked Meat, Baked Baked Trick, Training Weight / Large Spoon, Rocks Sack, Lorenz Wooden Button: Musical Score, Floral Ornament, Tea Leaves / Treatise on Galateus, Fake Flower, Ignatz Silk Handkerchief: Ancient Coin, Ceremonial Sword, Statuette of the Goddess, Painting of a Landscape / Book of Art, Blue Stone, Letter to the Goddess Marianne: Teddy Bear, Fine Handkerchief, Floral Ornament / Bag of Seeds, Letter of Confessions, "How to Be Ordered" Lysithea: Book of Arithmetic, Armored Teddy Bear, Book of Signs, Baked Baked Trick / Encyclopedia on Desserts, New Perfume Doll, Princess Church Doll Seiros Rhea: Statuette of the Goddess, Painting of a Landscape / (No lost property) Alois: Ancient Coin, Floral Ornament, Fishing Float / Old Foreign Coin, Introduction to Magic, Notebook Mist erioso Cyril: Hunting Knife, Smoked Meat, Watering Can / Old Cloth for Cleaning, Portrait of Rea, Old Cleaning Cloth, Portrait of Rhea, Old Manuela Ax: Blue Cheese, Musical Score, Precious Bracelet, Statuette of the Goddess / (No Lost Items ) Flayn: Armored Teddy Bear, Draped Handkerchief, Elegant Hair Clip, Baked Baked Tricket / Antique Clasp, Old Fable Book, Old Map of Enbarr Seteth: Fishing Float, Draped Handkerchief, The History of Fodlan / Old Fishing Rod, Broken Pen , Unfinished fairy tale Hanneman: Book on Arithmetic, Book on Signs, Handkerchief Handled, Tea Leaves / Hammer and Chisel, Lens Cloth, Sketch of a Mark Catherine (from the Sixth Moon): Blue Cheese, Legends of Cavalry, Weight of Training, Cote Stone / Graduation Badge, Letter to Rea, Gilbert-battered Cloak (from the Eighth Moon): Ceremonial Sword, Fishing Float, Statuette of the Goddess / Carving Hammer, Puppet without nose, Shamir Silver Pendant (from the Ninth Moon): Musical Score, Coffee Beans, Exotic Spices, Hunting Knife / Animal Bone Nut, Sack of Dried Herbs, Centipede Painting Regarding the flowers are more difficult to find, as they can only be obtained by combining some seeds grown inside the Serra.
However, they are generally appreciated by all, and some are the favorites of certain characters: Anemone: Hilda Bridal Veil: Cyril Garofano: Edelgard Non-ti-forget-me: Flayn, Ignatz Lavanda: Mercedes Orchidea: Lysithea Valley Orchid: Marianne Carnivorous Plant: Bernadetta Rosa: Lorenz Girasole: Alois, Petra, Shamir Viola: Ashe Method 3: MOTHER-FUCKING-TEA Did you think that Fire Emblem Three Houses was a tactical role-playing game based on a system of classes, rewarding gameplay and a complex story told by multi-faceted characters? WRONG, THE NEVRALGIC CENTER OF FIRE EMBLEM IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE TEA !!! INVITE YOUR TOMORROWS TO TAKE THE TEA, INVITE THE CHARACTER YOU WANT TO COME WITH, INVITE YOUR FAMILY, YOUR CLASS, YOUR COLLEAGUES TO TAKE TEA, EVERYONE MUST TAKE THE TEA, LONG LIFE TO THE HIGHEST TEA! !! Joking aside, the new Tea Invitation mechanics is another very convenient and quick way to level the relationship between the protagonist and the compelling players by using an activity point during a Sunday exploration.
For the Tea Invitation you will have to choose the right mixture of leaves or herbs, which will slightly increase the Affection regardless of the result of the chat, and choose conversation topics that can entertain the guest.
To be successful, we will have to keep in mind the tastes, aspirations and hobbies of those we face, and if we succeed three times in a row we will have to respond to a personal demand that could increase support even more.
After this we will be able to continue to observe and converse without problems with the guest, and we will also be able to give him some Gifts or Flowers.
The Invitation to Tea is also a free action if we invite the characters as a Birthday Party, and it is therefore strongly recommended to at least try.
Method 4: Lessons Almost every Monday of each Moon we will have the opportunity to teach a lesson to our students.
Depending on our Grade Teaching, we will have more or less Action Points to spend to personally enhance the skills of each student, as long as his Motivation is high enough.
Whenever we use this action, we will partially strengthen the support with the aforementioned character, which although the amount of Affection gained is not equal to that of Gifts and Fights, it is still a good idea to try to take part in these Lessons if you want to strengthen the Relationship.
Method 5: Cutscenes and Anonymous Requests This last method is the least efficient, but by no means useless.
During our adventure, we will be given the opportunity to respond with different dialogue options during the cutscenes.
In some of these, one of the two or three options could please or displease our interlocutors, thus reinforcing the Support.
Most of the time it will be easy to find the right answer, so don't worry too much about it.
A much more common method is that of Anonymous Requests, unlocked around the Second Moon during Monastery Exploration: it is a Cassette of Anonymous Requests by the Inhabitants of Garreg Mach in which they will explain their problems anonymously and randomly, and it will be our task to give them a precise and suitable solution that may please them.
We will have to respond within thirty seconds of time and we will have no way to open the Registry to verify who this request came from.
If we know enough about the tastes and problems of our fellow soldiers, it will be easy to be able to give the adequate answer.
These are the most effective ways to maximize the relationships between the various characters of Fire Emblem Three Houses.
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