Fire Emblem Three Houses | Guide to Secret Classes (Spoilers)

THIS GUIDE CONTAINS SPOILERS ON THE PLOT OF FIRE EMBLEM THREE HOUSES Fire Emblem Three Houses has a limited number of Classes compared to the past, but the possibility of changing them on the fly before a fight without losing experience or skill is particularly pleasant for both newbies and longtime fans.
In addition to the classic classes divided into Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced and Masters, there are some unique classes for certain characters that do not appear on the normal certification scheme and that can only be unlocked by progressing in the Fire Emblem story.
Some of these classes will be unlocked automatically , while for the others we will have to fulfill certain tasks or make certain choices to obtain them.
Let's go straight to see them Secret Class: Dancer A classic of every Fire Emblem, the Dancer is a support class capable of performing a dance to restore a companion's turn and allow him to take further action.
To get the Dancer class we will have to wait a while and take part in the highly anticipated White Heron Ball, held every year in the Academy during the Ethereal Moon (the twelfth month, the game begins in the fourth month).
Each house will have to choose a representative who will dance in front of a jury of professors, which will crown the most graceful dancer with a trophy and the certification of the Dancer class.
To win the challenge, the dancer must have a Charisma at least higher than 13.
A good way to level the Charisma of the characters is to invite them to take a tea and successfully answer the various questions and topics of conversation.
Alternatively there are consumable objects to enhance the cultivable characteristics in the greenhouse.
Professor Manuela will be able to help you enhance the dancer's charisma with a dance lesson from the modest sum of an activity point during a Sunday exploration.
Once you have the Dancer class you can change it at any time, but it will be available only for the winner of the White Heron.
Secret Class: Armored Lord (Edelgard Only) After the five-year time-skip that will take place in the Lonely Moon we will notice how some of our inexperienced students have changed class and become more experienced in the art of war.
One of these is Edelgard, whom we will find to have become an Armored Lord.
This class, unique for the leader of the Black Eagles, is an evolution of the Lord available only for the heads of the Houses and consists of a tank / DPS with high Skills in Ax, Command and Armor.
In addition, Edelgard will be equipped with Aymr, a Relic belonging to the Ten Heroes.
As Ability, he has Charme (the nearby Allies gain +3 Damage) and Ground Resistance (immunity to field damage).
Once the Class Mastery is obtained, an Ability that donates + 4 to Charisma and Fortune will be unlocked.
Secret Class: Emperor (Edelgard Only) The Emperor class is the evolution of Armored Lord and obtainable exclusively in the Third Month of the Crimson Flower route if during the White Cloud Route we accompanied Edelgard to the imperial capital to inherit the throne.
Like the previous class, it has amazing defensive parameters and excellent skills for Ax, Command and Armor.
Emperor gets the same Abilities as the Armored Lord, but once he has the Class Mastery he will unlock Flickering Flower, a Combat Art that prevents the enemy from moving.
Secret Class: High Lord (Solo Dimitri) Class automatically available from Dimitri after the five-year time-skip.
This class, the only one for the leader of the Blue Lions, is the equivalent of the Armored Lord but concentrated on the Skills of Lancia, Spada and Comando.
He shares the Charm Skill and the +4 release to Carisma and Fortuna, but as a second skill he gets Lancefaire, which guarantees a +5 Attack when he takes a Lance.
In addition, Dimitri will also get Areadbhar, a legendary spear and one of the Ten Heroes Relics.
Secret Class: Great Lord (Solo Dimitri) Class automatically obtained by Dimitri during the Luna Azzurra route and evolution of the High Lord.
It has the same abilities as its inferior counterpart, but with a significant increase in attack statistics and a new unlockable Combat Art with Class Mastery called Paraselene, which allows Dimitri to unleash a very powerful close-up attack and then back out of a box.
Secret Class: Wywern Master Class automatically obtained by Claude after the five-year time-skip.
The certification is unique to the leader of the Golden Deer and is the equivalent of the other two, with the difference that it provides Cloud with a flying Worm that allows it to move after certain actions and is more focused on the parameters of Speed and Dexterity and on the Arco competencies , Command and Flight.
It has the Charm and Bowfire ability, which increases the Attack parameter by 5 while using the Bow.
Claude will also inherit the Infallible, a legendary bow and one of the Relics of the Ten Secret Class Heroes: Barbarossa Class automatically obtained by Claude during the Green Wind route.
The final certification for Claude that strengthens the Wywern Master, with an increase to the Dexterity and Speed parameters.
With the completion of the Class Mastery the Divine Wind Combat Art will be unlocked, a powerful attack on sidereal distances.
Secret Class: Wise Secret Class Certification for the Protagonist, which will automatically unlock this powerful hybrid class after joining Sothis in the Pegasus Moon (Second Month).
The Sapiente allows you to make the best use of both spells and swords or mitts, with a bonus to the respective skills of +3 in addition to that of the Command.
If you have not instructed your protagonist in Reason and Faith, now is the perfect moment, since in a short time it will become a multipurpose war machine capable of curing the wounded in a flash and destroying every opponent through magic and weapons.
The Class of the Wise gives access to the Swordfaire Abilities, which gives +5 to the Attack if a sword is used, and Terrain Resistance, which instead cancels any malus or damage due to the Terrain.
With Class Mastery you will unlock the Sacred Power Ability, which will give adjacent allies +3 bonus damage and receive 3 less damage passively.
These are the Secret Classes obtainable in Fire Emblem Three Houses.
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