Fortnite Season 10 – here are the challenges of week 2

As usual we meet on these pages to once again face the weekly appointment with the challenges of the most popular battle royale of the moment: Fortnite Battle Royale.
Since the tenth season of the game, we have had to deal with an important change regarding the weekly challenges, never changed so much before during the previous seasons and today completely different from what we had learned to appreciate on these screens.
We had to greet the so-called free challenges, this time changed into a series of daily challenges called brute challenges and we had to deal with a renewed set of deliveries to deal with, this time divided into two sections and four micro-sections.
From the tenth season onwards, all the challenges covered in these guides are available only for the owners of the battle pass, which can always be purchased for 950 v-bucks from the game store.
We have primarily an important differentiation between normal challenges and those defined as prestige challenges.
Both challenges exist in two variants: a variant relegated to the normal mode and one relegated to the team fight mode; it is no longer possible to use the team fight mode to solve otherwise complicated challenges in the normal mode in essence.
The prestige challenges are nothing more than more complicated versions of the normal challenges, dedicated to the most skilled players and they will be able to give a hard time to any type of Fortnite player present at the moment on these screens.
No more talk and let's see together what are the most important challenges of this second week of Fortnite Battaglia Reale.
Fortnite Season 10 – Challenges shoot and pray of the week 2.
Inflict damage on opponents with an SMG The first challenge of this week's normal road trip challenges requires the player to inflict five hundred damage on opponents using only the SMGs or machine guns you want.
The weapons in question are characterized by a very high fire rate and by a not particularly high amount of damage; they are extremely effective on short distance and gradually lose power as the distance between the firing and the bullet is increased.
When used closely, the machine guns are practically lethal and are able to land any type of opponent within a couple of seconds; this makes them excellent for inflicting large amounts of damage to the opponents in the shortest possible time and, consequently, make the first challenge of this second week of Fortnite Season 10 a breeze to face with an open face.
Find your machine gun and try to force your opponent to come face to face, maybe pushandogli against using the buildings; in doing so you will force him to face you giving him the least possible advantage.
Paint a fountain, a dump crane and a distributor This challenge asks the player to find three specific places around the world and use a spray of paint on them, the protagonist of one of the next challenges this week.
This time the player will be asked to find a fountain, a dump crane and a vending machine.
Where is the fountain? The first place to find to complete this challenge is a fountain in that area of the map called Grandi Megazzini.
Once you get there you need to enter the shopping center, at the center of the building you will find a large fountain completely surrounded by benches.
To complete the challenge you will simply need to use any spray on the fountain present them and you will complete the challenge quickly.
Where is the Landfill Crane? The second place to find to complete this challenge is the dump crane that is found, guess what, at Crocevia del ciarpame.
Once in Crocevia del ciarpame you will need to reach the easternmost part of the area in order to reach the small structure whose first floor you will find the machine in question.
The crane is not very big but it is quite recognizable, once sighted put your hand on your paint cans to quickly complete this challenge.
Where is a vending machine located? The third and last place to reach to complete this challenge of Fortnite Battaglia Reale is not a simple place but rather a multiple place.
Big words aside, vending machines are scattered objects throughout the game map that you have plausibly learned about during the previous game seasons.
They can be found practically anywhere and are visible even at considerable distances thanks to their colors and the images that flow over them over time.
Once a vending machine is found, all you have to do is pick up a spary canister and complete this challenge in a matter of seconds.
Paint several service stations This challenge asks the player to visit a series of different petrol stations and then tag them using the spray that we have already learned about in previous missions.
The objective of the challenge is rather simple: tag three different service stations using any spray among those in our possession from the wheel of emotes.
There are seven service stations inside the game map and there is no need to visit three of them during a single game, which is why the difficulty of the challenge goes down considerably and makes it almost something to complete in spite of randomness.
Here are all the filling stations in the Fortnite Battaglia Reale map.
A service station is located east of Parco Pacifico.
A service station is located west of the Landing Shores.
A service station is located north of the indoor football pitch.
A service station is located north of Borgo Bislacco A service station is located north of Approdo Ventured A service station is located south-west of the Lande Letali area A service station is located southwest of the city of Palmeto Heavenly.
Find spray cans This challenge asks the player to find around the game map five spray cans lost afterwards to no one knows what event.
There are seven of these spray cans, scattered throughout the game world.
The spray cans, in order to complete the challenge, can also be found in non-consecutive matches and there are seven scattered throughout the game map.
Here are the locations where the various spray cans are present and how to find them: Southwest area of Pressure Plant: The spray can is located near a rock near the magma and lava river, in the G4 box of the game map .
Area south-east of the District: the spray can is located in one of the ends of the umbrella-shaped pit visible from the game map, precisely in the E3 box of the game map.
Area south-east of Palmeto Paradisiaco: the spray can in question is located inside the small complex of structures present in box I3 of the game map, precisely near a tree in the area.
Area north of Borgallegro: the spray can in question is hidden in the area to the west of the disco, near a tent used for camping.
All in box E9 of the game map.
Crossroads of the rubbish: the spray can in question is located near a pile of rubbish just to the left of the northern entrance to the landfill of the title, at box B1 of the game map.
Area south of the village of the Vikings: the spray can in question is located following the river that is located in the southern part of the village of the Vikings, the one that is oriented towards the icy area.
The spray can is near a tree in the icy area, corresponding to the B6 box on the game map.
Condotti Confusi: the spray can in question is located inside the Condotti Confusi mine, behind wooden planks usually known to hide a chest; at box D7 of the game map.
Inflict damage on enemy structures using a Minigun This challenge asks the player to inflict three thousand damage only on enemy structures using a minigun, one of the most badly treated and least considered special weapons of the whole title.
The miniguns are machine guns capable of throwing up hundreds and hundreds of bullets in a few seconds against opponents and structures and are particularly suitable for quickly reducing targets that do not need excessive aiming to be chased as BRUTI or constructions.
To inflict three thousand damage using a minigun, we simply recommend getting to the final stages of the challenge with this weapon in your inventory and pulling it out quickly; if you have enough ammunition and you start shooting from the topmost structures, you will be able to fill the challenge completion bar very quickly, concluding everything within minutes of bullets.
The main problem related to this challenge could be linked to the discovery of the minigun but do not worry, you will only have to open the highest number of possible chests to complete everything with as little effort as possible.
Eliminate opponents with an SMG less than 15m away This challenge asks the player to eliminate three opponents using only an SMG at a particularly close distance, ie less than fifteen meters.
So there are not many meters inside Fortnite and they are part of what we generally call close combat within our guides; in order to complete this challenge without having any problem, we advise you to take advantage of the houses and the various fortifications present, trying to convince your opponent to enter your territory and then cool it quickly.
Find your strategy based on our advice and put it into practice three times in a row; in this way you will quickly conclude the challenge and pass without too many problems to the following ones.
Search for Chests in City Pinnacles This challenge asks the player to find seven different chests inside pinnacle cities, or one of the new additions present on the Fortnite battle map with the arrival of the tenth season of play.
Città Pinnacoli is a very special location because, at the moment, it is the only one in which it is impossible to build and gather resources through the use of its own collection tool.
This peculiarity makes Pinnacles city a real place of death, where only the player with the best aim will be able to survive.
To complete this challenge, try to get to the city of pinnacles with the least number of players possible and try, in every way, to make the most of the sound inputs (ie the jingles of the speakers) in order to locate the position of the chests in the shortest possible time.
Only by doing this will you be able to find the chests necessary to complete the challenge and move on to solving the prestige challenges.
Fortnite Season 10 – Challenges shoot and pray prestige of week 2.
Prestige road trip challenges are the increased difficulty version of the already well-known road trip challenges we mentioned above; here we will point out just the most important tips that can be given to complete this series of challenges.
Eliminate opponents with a submachine gun in a single game This prestige challenge asks the player to eliminate a pair of opponents, in a single game, solely through the use of a submachine gun.
We have already described in great detail all the features relating to machine guns inside Fortnite, which is why we feel we can only advise the player to go over the guide for a non-prestige challenge.
Try to be precise and fit your opponents in tight spaces, places where this type of weapon is at its best.
Look for chests in containers with windows This challenge asks the player to go and open chests in particular containers with a window-shaped graffiti.
These containers are a total of seven and are scattered over practically the entire game map.
Here is the position of these containers: A container with window-shaped graffiti is located in the area south of the pressure plant: more precisely, inside the small islands present in the lava river.
A container with a window-shaped graffiti is once again in the area south of the pressure plant: this is also inside one of the small islands in the lava river.
A container with a window-shaped graffiti is located in the south-east area of Magazzino Muffito: the container is located inside the building further west in the area, in plain sight.
A container with a window-shaped graffiti is located in the area northeast of Borgallegro: this container is rather complicated to recognize because it is literally the back of a truck partially covered by snow.
A container with a window-shaped graffiti is located in the area north-east of Borgallegro: to find it, just reach the area with several unnamed buildings and enter the building further south among them; here you can find the offending container.
A container with window-shaped graffiti is located in the area south of Palmeto Paradisiaco: to the south of the city there is a small complex of structures to use as a reference; in fact, to the north-west of this complex there is an area with a building and outside it the aforementioned container with graffiti.
Use a spray on cars or vans in different named places This challenge asks the player to visit different areas of the map named for vehicles and, on these, use any spray among those available to him.
Traveling from area to area, simply use a spray on the vehicles to complete this challenge.
This is the list of the areas that will allow the completion of this challenge: Crossroads Of The Junk Montagnole Cursed The Lagoon Languid Quarter Pressure Plant Unleashed Steps Retreat Retreat Large Megazzini Sinking Stale Shores Of Sacking Pacific Park Snob Beaches City Pinnacles Borgo Bislacco Frozen, Borgallegro Landing Ventured Leti Lethal Palmetto Paradisiaco.
Virtually all the places mentioned here contain, within them, some kind of vehicle that can be smeared.
Visit several billboards covered in graffiti in a single game This prestigious version of the challenge asks the player to visit two different billboards covered in graffiti during a single game.
To quickly complete this challenge it is first necessary to know the position of both posters and then find a way to move quickly between them.
In case of difficulty there is a way to quickly complete the challenge, that is activate group assistance to get help from a friend.
Starting a game, all you have to do is agree with your friend to land, each, on a different board, completing the challenge in a few seconds at the end.
Where are the two billboards covered with graffiti? Let's see it together: One of the advertising boards is located in Condotti Confusi: more precisely in the east, taking the van as a reference for the return to the game, in correspondence of the fence presents them.
One of the billboards is located in the area south-west of Borgo Bislacco, near the stone wall that is on the top of the hill overlooking the street.
Inflicting damage to your opponents with a Minigun This challenge asks the player to inflict 500 damage to their opponents using only the aforementioned Minigun, which is the fastest machine gun in the world of Fortnite.
Here too, the biggest problem will be related to finding the weapon itself, usually present inside some cash register or inside some air supply.
The minigun is an extremely inaccurate medium and long distance weapon and, therefore, we advise you to use it almost exclusively in the event of a close encounter with the opponent of the case; only in this way will it be possible to exploit the enormous firepower of the weapon to knock down those who will face it, shot after shot; to inflict five hundred damages it will be necessary to find a good group of opponents, which is not easy but which will surely prove to be easier during the final stages of the game.
Eliminate opponents with a submachine gun less than 5 meters away.
This challenge asks the player to eliminate five different opponents in one or more games from less than five meters away.
Even in this situation, given the weapon chosen for us by the delivery of the game, it will be advisable to try to force our opponents to reach us in extremely close range fights to try to make the most of the weapon's characteristics.
Try to pushare on your opponents using the constructions and also try to save time by blocking them with your constructions, only in this way will you be able to bring your opponents in situations of your advantage and then you will be able to shoot them down one by one.
Eliminate the opponents in the Tilted City with the Pinnacoteknica costume This challenge asks the player to eliminate five different opponents during one or more games within the Tilted City while wearing the Pinnacoteknica costume.
The pinnacoteknica costume is a costume that unlocks at level 23 of the battle pass, once you reach that level the costume will appear in the player's locker and will be freely wearable for any goal.
Once you get the costume, start a game and parachute to Tilted City, then start eliminating enemies trying to take advantage of the specific feature of an inclined city, or the impossibility for players to collect materials and / or build buildings.
City Inclined, in essence, is a place that will test all players with a target that is not particularly incredible and that instead will reward all those who are able to correctly use the pointing system, rewarding patience and precision with respect to speed.
action and creativity otherwise inherent in the mechanics of construction.
Fortunately this challenge can be completed even in different non-consecutive games, so give us in and don't panic! If you too have problems with the wonderful world of Fortnite, consult the guides we have created for you and your problems.
We have created guides for practically all types of problems, starting with the more general ones related to objects, weapons, traps and buildings! Fortnite – Guide and tricks to places and where to land.
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