[Guide] Thief Rivals | How to always get first on iOS and Android

Guide Thief Rivals: how to win all the races | Thief Rivals is an online multiplayer running game that puts ten thieves on a racing track to see who can steal the treasure first.
As there are ten characters available, the player can compete against nine other real players in online races.
Of course, since you are all thieves, the races are not about sporting loyalty: expect to see throwing knives flying around, bombs left on the track ready to explode and lots of other tricks to put the opponent in trouble.
This guide from Thief Rivals focuses on strategies to use the best objects and finish first in each race, in order to conquer the final treasure.
How to download Thief Rivals | To download the game, click on the link corresponding to the version you want -> Google Play | App Store.
Thief Rivals | Tips to win all the races Collect the skulls of your opponents As we have mentioned, the number one rule is not "the important thing is to participate", indeed.
You will also be allowed to physically eliminate your opponents.
It is not mandatory, but if you do it will be much better! If, in fact, you manage to score the last shot that kills one of your opponents, you will take their skull as a trophy! Gruesome, but rewarding and useful: if you collect enough skulls, you will be able to open a chest full of item cards and coins.
Try therefore to kill the greatest number of contenders.
Complete daily missions Each day you are given a series of missions filled with random goals.
Completing a mission will reward you with some coins and a gem.
The more difficult the mission, the more coins you will receive, but you will always receive a gem.
These missions are available every day, but every day the challenges are updated, so try to complete as many as possible before you stop playing, otherwise the next day you might miss the missions you wanted to do the previous one.
Continue to play to memorize the routes The races in Thief Rivals all have predefined routes and, although the layout of the races changes a little between one run and another, the general structure of the race usually remains the same, therefore with the same drop and the same obstacles.
The only way to improve in the races is through memorization, so it is sufficient to play the race as many times as possible to memorize the track and all its pitfalls.
Build a deck of balanced item cards There are five types of item cards.
The traps are set to be left behind by the opponents.
The weapons instead are thrown in front of you to eliminate the runners that are in front.
Shields protect you and heal you from enemy objects.
The dotted objects give you a series of boosts, while the special objects have unique uses.
You can carry up to three item cards with you in a race.
Try to have a balanced deck to make sure you're ready for any situation.
A trap, a shield and a weapon are a good starting point, but you can adjust it to fit your style of play.
Each card has its properties and works differently, so be sure to try them all and see which ones you like and which ones can be more useful.
Get all the points in a race before you go ahead Don't be in a hurry to immediately switch to a new race once unlocked.
It is much better to repeat the same race over and over again to maximize the score.
In fact, each level has a certain number of ranking points you can earn.
Once you get all these points, the level won't give you any more.
Even if you do not earn any points, you can still get coins and train for the next races, especially trying out object card combinations.
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