Little does he care about the rumors: Neymar's good start to the week

Football curiosities The rumors matter little to him: the good start of the week of Neymar Camilo Stiven Malaver August 13, 2019, 03:39 pm The Brazilian calmly takes speculation of his possible departure from the Parisian team.
Taking advantage of the free day that Paris Saint Germain provided to the entire staff, Neymar moved to the Algarve, in Portugal.
On Monday night in Ohlao, he attended the concert of singer Paula Fernandes, who shared a couple of photos and videos with the footballer, in which they even imitated the presentation of Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper at the past Oscar Awards.
This Tuesday, while negotiations between Barcelona and PSG continue for his pass, he has taken the opportunity to go sailing on the beaches in the area, with his father and some friends.
The player has been involved in several controversies since his return for the start of this season with PSG, from problems with some managers to the chants of the club fans have been the highlights in recent months.
However, the player must report normally to training with his club until the complicated negotiations for his exit.