So is! James's message to an Antioquia boy who moved Colombia

Football curiosities That's right! James's message to an Antioquia boy who moved Colombia Julián Bermúdez August 13, 2019, 08:39 am The Colombian idol shared a few words of support for the boy who cried on television.
James Rodríguez continues to show his good heart and how connected he is with the country.
Recently a video was known in which the Colombian steering wheel greets Johan Salas, the Antioqueño boy who moved Colombia.
Salas' story began in an interview at the end of a Teleantioquia Cup match.
After scoring a goal and being the figure of his team, Puerto Triunfo, representative of a sector of Magdalena Medio, the boy broke into tears while greeting his grandmother live and with a message he showed all his strength.
Well, those statements came to Spain, where James Rodríguez is currently, one of the top idols of the Colombian National Team.
The Colombian flyer sent a message to Johan Salas and showed, once again, his good heart.
Although the child's reaction to knowing this video is not yet known, it will surely be a great incentive for him to fulfill his dreams and, as he said in his interview, get his grandmother forward despite any difficulty.