They got tired of the abuse: the Bolivian team that went on strike

Football curiosities They got tired of the abuse: the Bolivian team that went on strike Camilo Stiven Malaver August 13, 2019, 07:04 pm The players and coaching staff of the San José de Oruro exploded against the managers.
The lack of payment of salaries for the last three months caused that the players of the San José de Oruro club, of the Professional Division of Bolivia, began an indefinite strike on Tuesday.
In statements to the media, the coach of the team, the Chilean Miguel Ponce, said the situation "reached the limit", as the salary debt with the players is already around the fourth month.
"We have endured this situation due to a sports issue and the commitment of the players," said the strategist, who revealed that the delay in wages also affects the coaching staff, which is owed at least two months.
The Chilean said that since his arrival at the beginning of the year to lead the Oruro team the situation "has always been like this" and that despite this the players have shown their "readiness" for the team to function.
"The system is damaged by endorsing something that is not normal," said the strategist.
According to Ponce, even some players are owed up to five months of salary if they take into account some pending months of the previous year or the collection of premiums promised by the leaders of the gold club.
The Chilean recalled that "it was difficult" the last trip of the team to appear in Santa Cruz, since the money to pay for the concentration in a hotel "appeared at the last" moment.
The economic liquidity problems of the Bolivian team have been constant, even when he won the title of the Clausura championship last year based on effort and relegating the unpaid months to the background.
"Those things only happen once," said Ponce when referring to that achievement and to the claim that he said he had received some fans so that the team continues to train.
On Monday, club leaders pledged to cancel May's salary, with part of the money raised from the game that San José played against Wilstermann de Cochabamba last weekend, but they did not comply.
"As long as there is no complete solution, I think it is difficult for him to go back," said Ponce.
In a statement published on Facebook, the Bolivian club detailed some "exorbitant" payments it has made and said that the president of the institution, Wilson Martínez, "has been canceling debts from previous directories." "It is very difficult to face adversity when your own people, who say they love the institution, invent false arguments to generate controversy," concludes the communication that in its headline questions the attitude of "fans and partners." San José occupies the seventh position of the Bolivian Clausura championship with 8 points after seven games played.