TimeSplitters: a member of the original team recruited by THQ Nordic!

Timesplitters, the fps brand of the early 2000s, is one of those series that marked the arrival of the genre on consoles in a very flourishing period for videogame innovation, thanks to a fun and original setting, an almost arcade structure in its progress and a graphics cartoonesca destined it to a place of honor in the memory of many long-time players.
Unfortunately, over time the brand has been shelved for various reasons, ending up soon in the niche of memories; today, however, the news arrives that Steve Ellis, of Free Radical Design (team of Time Splitters) would have been enlisted by THQ Nordic, holder of the rights, for a collaboration …
that is about to arrive the moment to ignite again the space-time continuum ?! Timesplitters: piece of the heart! What made the Timesplitters saga so special that it attracted the attention of many players for a possible return? As we have said, a fanciful setting that made it one of a kind and its arrival in a golden season for the console FPS.
On his way, over a quarter of a century ago (we like to put it on the dramatic, we know it!), The series has landed on PS2, GameCube and XBox, indelibly marking the first decade of the 2000s with its extremely peculiar style of play.
Despite being a single player experience, the first chapter of the saga had from them a really inconsistent plot that saw us travel from era to era as levels progressed without giving us some details about why, putting us in a totally playful frame in which, more than the plot, the setting was a setting and a gamplay entirely based on the fun inherent in breaking down hordes of enemies, without too many frills.
To confirm the carefree setting of the title there was then the peculiar possibility of being able to choose the character with which to face the single levels and even the difficulty, a choice that obviously went against any pretense to throw it on the narrative: more than to play a story , it was simply a matter of completing levels reaching different goals and having fun, like in a real vintage cabin cruiser.
A fortunate formula, which over the years had managed to welcome around itself a vast audience of admirers.
The latest developments After his first successful exploit, the saga has developed into two other episodes between 2002 and 2005, meeting ever greater successes and coming to propose a title more edited from a narrative point of view, basing the adventure on the people of a nice space marine named Cortez, traveling between different eras for …
well to save the Universe, what questions! A good success, which was confirmed by the announcement, in 2007, of what all the fans expected, or a fourth episode of the saga, in perfect time for the arrival of the next-gen, a fact that would obviously have marked a new leap quality and new hours of fun.
Something, however, seemed to have gone quite wrong: as in a sad ping pong, the TimeSplitters 4 project has been postponed several times until reaching a sort of cancellation of the exit that has decreed its descent into oblivion, although it exists some interesting fan-made remake projects designed to keep the torch of hope alight.
A torch that was finally reignited, and not now: just a year ago, August 2018, the news of the acquisition of the license by THQ Nordic arrived.
Today, with this involvement, things start to get really interesting …
Rare & co .: an unforgettable season The name of Ellis, in fact, seems to be a double guarantee for lovers of the genre.
As we said a little further on, that of the early 2000s was a very happy period for the FPS on consoles, thanks above all to the work done by a team in particular, Rare, responsible for 007: Goldeneye (still considered an undisputed milestone), and it was Rare Ellis who took his first steps.
We could ask ourselves, seriously, what could be the contribution of a historical game but very rooted in such a "historical" scenario and at the hands of a veteran.
The video game, from the time of Rare, has changed a lot and seems to have evolved in a completely new way compared to that season: how many single players allow the player to make the change of character? And we want to talk about a slight nonsense that characterized TimeSplitters? All stuff that now seems to belong to another era.
And if instead a small injection of that philosophy led to a revitalization of a playful framework full of interesting ideas but, after all, with the "creative coordinates" often a little too consolidated? After all, a bit of madness is enough to rekindle the fuse of creativity and create new impactful works.
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